Current Events Round-Up: The Olympics

I love when the Olympics roll around! It’s so much fun to watch all the athletes compete, and I love hearing about sportsmanship and determination. Below are a list of articles and stories that you can use in your ESL classroom if you want to discuss the Olympics! I’ve been talking about it all week with my students, and they are very interested!

There are so many fun things to do with the Olympics in an ESL class. I asked my communication class to discuss which Olympic sports they don’t know anything about, and then had them do some quick research and explain to the class what the rules of the sport are, and how you play it. This was extremely entertaining, and we’re still not quite sure about how curling is played and won!

Most of these stories are appropriate for low-intermediate through advanced ESL classes. For some, you may need to edit for vocabulary if you’d like to use it in the classroom.