Current Events Round-Up: Friday the 13th

Want to read about Friday the 13th in your ESL class today? Here are some links to a few different news stories about Friday the 13th. Reading/talking about Friday the 13th is a really fun way to discuss superstitions across cultures with your students. Whenever I bring up this topic in my class, my students are very eager to share their favorite superstitions!

If you want to listen to some spooky music while talking about Friday the 13th, check out NPR’s Superstitious Playlist!

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Random News Story Round-Up

These are a few news stories that I came across this week that I thought were very interesting, but I’m planning for next week’s current event theme to be the inauguration, so I couldn’t use these articles. Enjoy these stories, and I hope you can find a way to use them in your ESL reading classes!

Any way, happy Friday (the 13th!) and have a great weekend!