Midterm Exams

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that my ESL program is having midterm exams this week, and then we have spring break next week (yaaaay!), so you probably won’t see much out of me in the next few weeks (although today I AM working on a practice midterm for my reading students, and I might post that tomorrow). I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and sticking with me!

I’ve sold a few teaching guides through Gumroad in the past few weeks and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is really encouraging, and helps me move forward with creating new content. The current event lessons are also hosted on Gumroad now, but they’re free (as always), so make sure you download any lesson that looks interesting!

Current Events: False Ballistic Missile Warning Shakes Hawaii

This past week, all people living in Hawaii were sent a notification on their phone and through the news. This notification said that there was an incoming missile, and that all Hawaiians should look for shelter. There was actually no missile, so why was this notification sent? How did the people of Hawaii react? Read through this lesson plan and article to learn more about this event!

This lesson is best suited for a college-level intermediate ESL reading class. Depending on your class, this lesson runs about 30 minutes.

Click here for this free current events lesson plan!

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Back to school, and back to reading!

Hey everyone!

Sorry that I have not been around, like, AT ALL. I’ve had some very busy happenings in my personal life (new house, new puppy, new volunteering stuff!), but I’d love to get back to supplying all of my readers with quality ESL-focused reading lesson plans. I haven’t been reading much lately (ahh, so busy!), but there are a LOT of cool books coming out at the end of this year, and I’m excited to start reading them!

Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope the materials that I’ve already posted are being utilized! ^_^

Summer Break!

Hey all! Sorry about the lengthy silence…but it’s summer break, and as fellow teachers, you know how precious that time is! So, I haven’t been doing much lesson planning, but I have been doing a lot of reading! I go back to teaching at the end of June, so look for more reading guides and current event lesson plans around early July!

Thanks, and happy summer!

TESOL 2017

Hey all! The blog will be a little quiet this week (as well as last week…it was spring break!) because I’m heading to Seattle to attend TESOL 2017. I’m looking forward to a lot of good presentations and some time hanging out in a new city! If you’re also heading to TESOL, I hope you have a wonderful time! I’m planning on doing a presentation round-up and summary next week, so be on the look out for that!


Good morning! (Well, at least it’s morning in my part of the world) I’ve had a ton of visitors over the past few days, so I wanted to know if you guys had any suggestions/comments on blog content? I know most people are visiting and viewing the current events round-up and some of the novel teaching guides, and I’m glad that you are taking a look at my materials!

Are there any current events in particular you would like me to write a lesson plan for? Are there any books you are thinking of teaching in class and think I should review or write a guide for? Let me know! I want to make sure my teaching materials are as helpful as possible to ESL teachers around the world, so please feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments, or requests!

You can comment on this blog post, or you can send me an email: eslliteraturelessonplans@gmail.com

Happy Tuesday!