Current Events: The Wings on the Bus

Today’s current events is a little different – instead of doing a normal round-up of related news stories, I chose one news story from NPR and based a short lesson plan on it. I will do another current events link round-up later in the week. I thought this little article was too cool to pass up, though!

This article from NPR is a charming story of how students from a small island in Lake Erie get to school every day on an airplane. I think students will find this article entertaining, and it is very easy to read. Because of this, the lesson plan is designed for low-intermediate, or even high-beginner readers. There are several pre-reading discussion questions, an active reading activity, a very simple vocabulary matching exercise, true or false questions, and a short research/extension activity.

Click here for the current events lesson plan ‘The Wings on the Bus’

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Happy Monday!


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