Current Events Round-Up: Travel Ban

As an ESL instructor in the US, I work with students from a wide variety of languages and backgrounds, and it’s been an incredibly depressing weekend as far as tolerance and inclusivity go. I’m sure everyone in the US has heard about the Muslim/Middle East travel ban and the resulting protests at airports around the country. This is a really worthwhile topic to cover with your students, especially if you’re in the US and you have students who are affected by this and afraid to travel. This is also a good time to introduce the idea of the US Constitution, since the word ‘constitutional’ comes up in these articles quite a bit. I’ve compiled a list of articles from the past weekend that are accessible to students from low-intermediate to academic ESL students.


The Lesson: This lesson is based on an article similar to the last one on the list about MoMA changing some of their famous paintings to ones from artists that are from the countries affected by the travel ban. The article is not very long, but some of the vocabulary is difficult so it would work best for high-intermediate to academic students. This lesson includes pre-reading discussion questions, an active reading annotating activity, vocabulary in context, post-reading questions, and a research/extension activity at the end.

Click here for the ESL current events lesson ‘MoMA Takes a Stand’

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