Current Events Round-Up: The Inauguration

Hey all! We’re coming up on the Inauguration (this Friday, right?) so I thought I’d throw together some links to articles related to the Inauguration. Also, I know that yesterday was MLK day which seems like it would make a great current events lesson, but I know there are already several ESL lessons about MLK out there, so I thought I’d pick something different!

As usual, the articles range in difficulty from low-intermediate to academic. The Inauguration is a topic that might require a lot of background info and cultural explanation, so make sure you include extra time in your lesson for discussion!



The Lesson Plan: This plan is based on the first article above…I wanted to choose an unbiased article examining the transition of leadership so that students with all views can discuss the Inauguration. This lesson plan includes pre-reading discussion questions, an active reading summary activity, vocabulary synonyms, and post-reading short answer questions.

Click here for the lesson plan ‘How the Permanent White House Staff Welcomes a New First Family’

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