Resources for Black Friday

If you teach in an American ESL setting, your students were probably very excited about going shopping on Black Friday (it’s pretty much the only thing my students wanted to talk about on the Friday before our Thanksgiving break!). If you teach in an EFL setting, your students may have heard of Black Friday, but want to know more about it. Most students in American ESL programs will probably read or talk about Thanksgiving in one class or another, but I find that they are FAR more interested in Black Friday!

Below are some links to interesting articles about Black Friday. They vary in difficulty from low-intermediate to advanced reading and vocabulary knowledge. You could give these to students to investigate for fun, or create a classroom reading activity out of them with a pre-reading activity, active-reading strategy, vocabulary section, and post-reading writing or discussion. It’s up to you!

One interesting thing to have students look at is the comparison between Black Friday and China’s Single’s Day (also known as 11/11). You could have students write or verbally compare Black Friday to Single’s Day, or to any other big shopping day in their country.

Hope your Black Friday wasn’t too crazy!


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